Stress is a feeling of emotional and physical tension. It can be due to anything which makes you feel angry, frustrated and nervous. Stress can be both positive and negative. In a positive way taking stress can help you to avoid danger but if it stays for long time it will have negative impacts. Stress can be of two types – acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is when it stays for short time and chronic stress is when it stays for longer time.

Our body reacts to stress by releasing hormones. Stress affects a person both physically and mentally. Since mental effects can be experienced only by that person but physical appearance shows others about the condition of that person.

  1. Acne problems – Skin is the part of body which gets easily affected by stress. It causes increase in oil production in the skin. CRH or Corticotrophin releasing hormone is a stress related hormone that binds to the skin’s sebaceous glands and cause acne.
  2. Dry or flaky skin – Stress causes chronic dehydration and if you are already drinking less amount of water then the case could be worse. Stress releases cortisol which hinders skin’s elasticity and water retention capacity. This may lead to skin problems such as rosacea and eczema.
  3. Dark circles – It is due to sleep deprivation. The fluid in the eyes get pooled below the eyelids. When you are stressed, more blood is directed to your organs rather than face, therefore dark circles become noticeable and the skin under the eye becomes thin. High levels of adrenaline due to stress cause eye pressure.
  4. Thinning of hair– Stress accelerates the natural hair cycle, that is from growing phase to resting phase to falling out, thus causing hair fall stage earlier. It triggers alopecia areata which may cause baldness. Tellogen effuvium is the term for hair loss due to stress. Hair loss at this time can also be due to improper nutrition.
  5. Fine lines and wrinkles – Ageing is a slow process but stress causes ageing prematurely along with strain eyes, fine lines on forehead and furrow eyebrows. Cortisol, a stress hormone , it breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin leading to wrinkles.


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