“Life is a series of learning and self-discovery”, said my favorite author Paulo Coelho in one of his books. No matter how big or small, every day we keep learning something from someone and that shapes our life. The shape to be good or bad entirely relies on our hands. Life can also be learned from other’s experiences and their mistakes. The people who could do that are wise and would have a great life filled with happiness. In this article, I would like to share a few life lessons that would be very much helpful if followed.

1. Never Choose the “Easy” Thing

We all have an attitude of choosing the easy over the right thing to do. It is mostly because of our laziness, procrastination, lack of motivation and interest. With social media it has been very much comfortable to do only the comfortable works. But with easy things there is no chance for challenges. When there is no challenge you can never really grow. You will be just an ordinary person living a mediocre life.

2. Do small things, “Everyday”

Choose to do small things everyday rather than doing big things some day. I will give you an example. Going for a walk everyday for an hour provides more health benefits than going to a gym during some days and pulling it off. Small habits may seem trivial on a daily basis but in the long run your small habits can give far more better results. Doing things everyday can make it a habit and good habits makes your life good.

3. Strive for “Self-Knowledge”

Today we complete our schooling, get graduated from an university with a thought that we do it for our certificates that will get us a job. Yes, certificates are important but should be considered as the most important thing. We learn for our self knowledge. Is there any use in getting your certificates and forgetting all you learnt? Only self knowledge can make you more confident and can give you the courage to take risks. Just like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg we need people who gives importance for their self knowledge than the certificates which is used only to show off people.

4. Be with people who make you “Grow”

I read it some where and it’s worth mentioning, “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend your time with.” I’m not sure how true that statement is, but there is some truth in it. If you be with people who sleeps all day, eventually you will tend to sleep with them and vice versa. If you want to do things you need to be with people who do things, it’s that simple. Everyday our energy is limited spend it cautiously.

5. Love should have a “Speed Limit”

Love happens to everyone. Every human beings need to love and be loved back. We all keep searching for a partner to spend our rest of our life with. It is good and we should take the responsibility to choose the people who is suitable for us. But we should know the speed limit. Like a vehicle if you do not slow down the pace now and then you are surely going to meet with an accident. There are people who plan a future with all the minute details within months of getting into a relationship before knowing them well and end up with a heart break for many years. So beware of the love trap and be matured to think and act.

6. Listen to your “Tiny Voice”

Everyone have a tiny voice in them that keeps telling them what he or she should do. It is called the inner voice. Most of us, though we hear, we don’t listen to them. We are often misguided by the loud voices of the society. We fear the tiny voice because what it tells is scary and it never shows us the bigger picture. For people like us who plan our future right from our birth the voice would seem insane. For example when you are doing an engineering degree your voice may tell you to become a film director. Yes, it is very much hard to accept it, but deep down you will have an burning desire to become one. That might be your purpose but people would tell it wouldn’t work out, they feed you fears and eventually you lose hope. But following it can make you different from the rest of the people who go to their graves with their dream never lived.


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