There comes a phase in our life where we feel everything is falling apart, things don’t go well as we expect. Life is full of ups and downs, and we have to go through this constantly. Leading a stable life is quite impossible. But, yes we can learn and practice to deal with the tough times to live a stable life. And here the matter is that how we deal with such phases. Our attitude towards such phases defines us.

In situations like this, stable people are more calm, organised and positive. Also many surveys say that stable people lead better, long and satisfying relationships. They tend to be happier than the people who lack mental stability. Where as people struggling with mental instability end up with wrong judgments, anger and stress. Because of instability they cannot make proper and healthy decisions. They mostly see extreme highs and lows with no consistency in life.

Following are the few tips to check out to bring stability in your life:

Explore yourself

Give yourself a good time. Utilize this time to keep yourself happy and pampered. Do what you love, do what makes your heart flutter in joy. If you don’t know what keeps you happy, how would others know?

Organize yourself

Practice some good habits that is good for your mental and physical health. Take a walk and breathe some fresh air. Listen to some good music. This may help you to calm your nerves and treat your mood swings.

Keep your expectations low

Expectations lead to disappointments. When you don’t get what you expected, you get angry on others and yourself easily. Being harsh on yourself and others is not good for your mental stability. Expectations put a lot of pressure on your thoughts and might lead you to anxiety. Learn to accept and be happy with what you have.

Keep calm and meditate

Meditation is the best way to relax soulfully. There are hundreds of meditation centres in the city. Make some room for meditation and yoga to see a difference in yourself. Meditation drives away the stress and anxiety, which helps you control your anger.

Keep a healthy friends circle

Stable friends circle will keep you motivated and positive. Surrounding yourself with such people will bring good vibes in you. You will always have a support system to rely on during dark days. Though don’t forget to be friends with yourself first of all.


Make a list of priorities. Make sure to put yourself first in the list. It’s you who has to take care of yourself before others. Know your needs and wants, learn to differentiate them before you prioritise.

Stay positive

Everybody goes through a bad day and it’s okay. Just because of one bad day don’t let yourself drown in negativity. Have a optimistic approach towards life. Wake up with a positive thought and start your day with good vibes.


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