Let’s be honest, those upcoming assignments, the regular classes, and the constant pressure of examinations are stressful. In these situations, some people feel like it is better to keep going, to inch your eyelids further past 3 am on that textbook. I agree that performance is essential. However, what we don’t realize is that after this ridiculous amount of pressure, our mind, soul and body needs a break. How to do that? Well, let us give that a quick read.

Invest in YOURSELF: This may sound extravagant, but it has never failed me. Giving your mind and body the freedom that they longed. This might just be what you needed, all this time. Too stressed about results? Go out and get yourself that video game you always wanted, or that haircut that you keep thinking about. If you are a bookworm, pick up that novel and give it a read. These little things are like little rewards, that, we should always give ourselves to have a healthier and happier mind.

Take your Time: The most important step to any kind of betterment in the world. Everything takes times, rushing through them or, stretching them out might only lead to more harm. We generally give ourself too much or too less credit and take either extremely less or more amount of time to get back up and working. Giving yourself a break is important, but it is also imperative to know that we have to follow our goals. Therefore, giving just enough time to our body and mind can do the trick.

Have Good Food: I know. The tried and tested hack that everyone is fond of. It is no secret, that good food has a direct impact on a person’s temperament. Diet Freak? Well, everyone deserves a cheat day, and your body definitely does.

Surround yourself with positive people: We all are, well, aware of all the negative people in our lives and sometimes it is better to keep your enemies near, but, at this time IT IS NOT. It is always said that a good company is the best company, and for good reason. Surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people can actually go a really long way in your life. These people genuinely want you to grow and will always have your back. Whenever life feels too hard on you, talking to these people should make you feel better, if not crackle you up with old memories, and stories.

Literally, Give Yourself a Break: Travel. Yes, I know we are college students, and we cannot go on vacations. But, one of the major misconceptions about travel is that it HAS to be a far-off land. Let me clarify it today. It is not true. Travel can we anything new and refreshing. Taking a small road trip around your city, exploring the places you never knew existed can be a medicine for your soul and mind.

If you are highly stressed, we all have been there and you are not alone. It is not always important to feel completely happy, carefree and confident. But, what is important is that we should always have a positive outlook on life and give our body its much-needed breaks. Our goals can only be achieved with a healthy body, sound mind and spirited soul. Happy Living.


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