A Nuclear family? Aren’t you familiar with this? After living for more than 20 years in a nuclear family, I was also not aware of the term ‘Nuclear family’ until I googled. So nothing much to feel bad if you don’t know why is the name that is studied with a weapon (nuclear bomb) is put up with the family.

A nuclear family means the family which consists of a couple and their children which is almost four to three people in today’s scenario. My family was one among those and I guess most of the people who read this would also belong to the nuclear category. While a joint family is an extended family that usually has people of almost three generations under a single roof.

Let us imagine a joint family. It is better to imagine all your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, the best part – all your cousins together with you. Doesn’t it feel great? What is the best thing about a joint family? Here it is.

  • Our elderly grandparents will never feel being left out alone. There will be enough people to take care of them and no need for old age homes. They would live the last days of their lives happily.
  • Young and teenage children would never be short of love or care even if both their parents are working. There will be people to tell them stories and to listen to their stories and they will never feel lonely.
  • Our cousins – childhood playmates grow together with us to be our forever friends.
  • Festivals and functions can never be as good as celebrating with our joint family.
  • Living together can cut many of our unwanted expenses and when the financial responsibilities are shared it reduces the burden. We could live a life with less stress.
  • When a problem arises there is no need to go in search of people to support us. They are already there supporting us.
  • The way to mingle with each other, how to adjust and adapt, how to help others, how to behave in the right way and many such things would be self-learned from a younger age.

The lists keep ongoing. But like a coin that has two sides, there are disadvantages in a joint family also. Yes, there are many ways in which we could debate about the advantages of the nuclear family over the joint family. Maybe that is why the tradition of living together as a joint family is slowly diminished. But it is true that whenever we see our family group photo, whenever we leave our grandparents home after a vacation, whenever our cousins say goodbye, and whenever we feel lonely somewhere in the farthest corner of our heart there is always a hidden longing to live amid the overflowing love of our beautiful relations.


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