A question that would undoubtedly rise whenever something related to cancer is discussed is how we can make greater endeavors in accelerating worldwide cancer research. It has become mandatory to prioritize and strategize cancer prevention and early diagnosis. Though scientists have made a lot of advances in cancer research why is it hard to find a suitable and effective cure for cancer? It is because cancer is a disease that embodies around 100 sub-types of diseases in it. Diagnosis method, treatment plan, and preventive approaches vary from one cancer type to another making the task difficult to be accomplished.

The good news is DBT (The Department of Biotechnology) under the ministry of science and technology has signed an MoU with DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) under Prime Minister of India for encouraging joint collaborative cancer research programs mainly focusing on advancements in cancer research. The aim of this unexpected initiative is to tackle cancer and also to empower other attempts made to enhance cancer research and development. Funding clinic trials that are substantial for the development of new treatments for cancer is one of its core objectives. The collaborative move also targets to enable the coordination of the clinicians with the researchers promoting RnD. Planned activities such as joint clinical fellowships, protocol development, and intensive workshop on clinical research methodologies will help cancer prevention.

This collaborative action of DBT and DAE is to be appreciated. Improving cancer treatment is certainly not just about improving cancer drug development, it is also about promoting early cancer diagnosis and monitoring. Identifying and adopting lifestyle changes to prevent cancer is also necessary to eradicate cancer completely. In the future, more such attempts should be made to strengthen research in these areas.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”- Helen Keller


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