1. Monica was right when she said “Welcome to the real world. It sucks, you’re gonna love it”. Adulting isn’t gonna come easy to the happy-go-lucky attitude of yours, but in some way or the other, you’re gonna figure things out—one step at a time, everytime.

2. Contrary to what your extroverted self might believe, at some point later in life, you would start enjoying the drug of solitude. The taste of self-love and peace is unmatched. The current version of you really really enjoys her “Me” time and solo dates.

3. There would be times when you would let a lot of toxic people in and dictate, because you might be too naive/nice to do otherwise. Be wary of your surroundings.

4. There would also be times when you are the toxic person in others’ lives. Apologise. Unlearn. You can’t change what happened, but there is always scope to be a better person.

5.  Your circle right now might influence you into thinking western music, a taste for continental food and hollywood movies are what make you look cool. You shall still continue to enjoy those, but your choices will grow up to be unapolegtically Indian, and more specifically, Madrasi. On most days, you’ll end up picking Rahman and Raaja over Rock, filter coffee over cappucinos, Rasam and potato over risotto and Mani Ratnam over Marvel. During the transition from “Never let me go” to “Aaj jane ki zid na karo”, you’ll embrace your identity a little more.

6. You shall switch cities. When you were close to building a safe nest in one place, you’ll have to move somewhere else and start all over again. The very definition of home would be very confusing to you, with all that is going to happen. Just keep reminding yourself everyday, that you are allowed to have multiple homes, be it in places, people or things.

7. TAKE CHANCES. Careful decisions are most definitely your thing. But, a significant part of me right now wishes to have done impromptu stuff and to have revelled the moment freely, instead of being so finicky.

8. The old school romantic in you is here to stay.  You’ll still want to believe in falling hard and forevers, but somewhere along the journey, will also grow up to be a little more practical. It is a good change, I promise.

9.  There are gonna be quite a few unexpected fall-outs and reunions. People enter, people also leave. The sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes for you to breathe.

10. On some days, you ought to put yourself on a pedestal and prioritise your mental health and sanity over everything else. You’re gonna learn it the hard way, but you’ll learn nevertheless.

11. Be kinder to your body (I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH ON THIS).The issues you have with your body image will continue to haunt you until you start accepting youself. We are all made of stardust, a study says. Do not let your insecurities get the better of you.

12. What goes around, really comes around. Much to your surprise, you’ll actually start believeing in Karma. The positive energy you seek in return is a result of the one you put in. Also, you will become very very preachy, as you might have guessed already. xD

13. Despite sounding narcissistic,  eventually you’ll grow up to be someone you would be real proud of.

Submission By , Ananya H , PSG College Of Technology , Coimbatore


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