A world out of the kingdom,

Where universe of self craves less nor more,

Open that sparkle of the door.

Where you pour love in each,

Move your soul at that reach.

Where a photographer mistakens a glance,

Let your spirit be in a stance of dance.

Where lovers, enemies,friends,families create emotions high,

Let your wing get a jerk to fly.

This tale where,

Caught was he by the emotions in a lace,

Until the mysic holded him at a place.

Trapped was he by the promises not fair,

Until his soulmate had eyes to stare.

Jailed was he by the acts of greed,

Until money was a demand by his breed.

“Grab the control! ” said the voice keeping a mum

Until he found himself in Freedom!

Submitted by Anmol Joy , SDM PG College , Ujire , Mangalore



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