Fact says,’it just takes 4 minutes to fall in love with someone’.

II don’t know when was my first four minutes, is it when we spoke all night? Is it when I knew there’s something budding? Is it when our eyes met just like before but everything else wasn’t just like before? Is it when it was hard for me to deal with your pain than mine? Is it when I realised I’d do anything just to make your frown fade away? When was it? Whenever be it, all I’d say is, it’s the best few minutes of my life.

Those 4 minutes has changed everything, from wanting to hold someone’s hand to just feel the warmth to wanting to hold yours..

From wanting to be alone to badly wanting to spend the rest of my life with you.

Those 4mins had a power to change everything, like every little thing.

And I still chose you cause be it any change, with you by my side I’d conquer them all with a smile cause when I have you I have my happiness secured.

I’ve never been so clingy and I don’t know how I’m going to be here on, but whatsoever we become let’s hold on and love each other a little more through all walks of flaws and growth!

But those four minutes wasn’t the first four minutes of knowing each other…

we had gone through pretty much time to arrive at those four minutes, but man what are you? From those four minutes, every four minutes I’d been  falling hard and I’m so much in love with you.

Submitted by Ishwarya Senthil Kumar , PSG College Of Arts and Science


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