My senses in vain ,nerves withered to pain.
Mind never so serene ,body nears death.
All menaces in human races warring by
"Holy guns and cannons", let me die.
Death is nothing to us but shadows;
Life would be still euphoric in the meadows;

Rattling machine guns no sadder than my love puns
Birds prey my body than my foes. 
War is now headless and heedless
Scorching heat drinks my blood oozing.

Love bleeds more than my body 
Who is a raven to a dove
Priceless if i yield my love
Fallen feathers of love flap for once 
Body crumbled and weighs an ounce.

Lovely encounters deeper than horizon
Your words may fail the verses
But the silence more solemn than fickle love.
Every breath you gave me warmer 
Now frigid and colder than death.

Every frame of life sleepwalks into me
Thoughts are morbid yet relentless
Life in the crampled old farm
Amidst roosters and goats each 
Crowing and bleating our romantics.

True love is formidable and transcends ages 
But I am the tragedy of time holding sigils of love
No one to heal my tender bruises and scars
Except your girly giggles that echoed in me.

Let a flower blossom in my cemetery
That sings my psalm for a century
No more Lailas.No more Mumtazs.
But you, "Irene, Irene, Irene..... ".

Submitted by Kabilan P , PSG College Of Technology , Coimbatore


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