Is there any app that is not familiar to the netizens? I hope so and I have come up with some apps that will be really helpful and I believe it is less familiar. If you already know about all these apps, ‘Bravo!’ or else know it now so that it will be useful for you sometimes.

Cloud Storage: Degoo

Cloud storage is the technology of storing data that can be accessed from the internet. It eliminates the fear of losing data in case of hardware failure. Google Drive which we are familiar in using provides only about 15 GB of free storage space. If you want more space to store data try Degoo, a Sweden-based cloud service that offers 100 GB of cloud space for free. Its ‘top secret’ feature is a secure, bank-like vault where files are encrypted with a passphrase known only to the user. For more storage, you can upgrade to Pro and Ultimate plans also.

Maps: MapmyIndia Move

Today going to a new place is very much simpler because of Google Maps. But still there are many times we have been fooled by the same maps, aren’t we? To encounter this problem and also added with some advancements like live traffic updates and sharing live locations MapmyIndia Move app is worth considering. It is quick to identify the current location and good at providing house addresses.

Search: DuckDuckGo

Sometimes our search preferences are tracked without user consent in many search engines. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not keep track of your search history. This app guarantees a safe search environment and promises to fetch unbiased search results. If you want your search history to be confidential DuckDuckGo is better than Incognito.

Share: Move to iOS 

What is a great deal to be done when you change your phone from Android to Apple? Updating contacts and transfer text messages. It is now simpler because of this app that helps you transfer your phone data including contacts, calendars, messages, photos, and email accounts.

Google Chrome Extension: Unspoiler

After waiting for years to see the end of a movie series or a TV show, how will it feel when your own phone spoils it before you realise it? Heartbreak was better right? To reduce such worry there is this Google Chrome Extension called Unspoiler which is a simple way to block everything in which it shows a black bar on the spoilers.


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