Artificial intelligence, a pretty fascinating word, right. So I’ll give you a brief overview of this fascinating word, with some technical details.

So a basic definition work of artificial intelligence is teaching a machine, to predict some future outcomes based on past data structures and patterns.

Yes, you heard it right, data is the backbone of artificial intelligence. It’s analogous to our brain. We learn something only if we have past experiences with it. So here comes another interrelated word, machine learning.

So machine learning deals with collection and analysis of data. It studies and finds patterns in data (there are many mathematical methods of analysis, but I’ll not dig deep into it). And artificial intelligence deals with making predictions for some future outcome, based upon past data patterns.

For an example, suppose we make an AI model, to predict future sales and potential demands for a product. This model will train on the past data, like previous sales of that product, it’s demand and supplies. Then it would be able to predict (almost accurately) it’s future demands, and will present us the potential plans for it. So we can make that product in calculated amount, according to future demands. It would be cost effective and profitable.

Basically there ate two ways to solve a problem through computers, first we write a huge code with bunch of if and else loop statements, and second way is using AI, which writes it’s code itself based on data. So that’s why artificial intelligence is rising quickly, due to it’s ease of use and almost accurate outputs.

There is another word in this family, Deep learning. It’s basically a system of huge neural networks working together, for a specific purpose. Neural networks, are the networks made by AI, in which analysis of data and other processing takes place. It’s analogous to network of nerve cells in human mind, hence the name neural network.

A basic ranking of these three words according to data required is:

Artificial Intelligence < Machine Learning < Deep learning

The current scenario of artificial intelligence, is on it’s way. Till now we have many innovations, many incoming. So we can say, AI is improving day by day and there would be an exponential rise in it’s demands and implementations in industry.

And what about AI in daily life? It is playing big roles even in short moments of our life. First of all, the keyboard you use in your smartphone, the predictions it gives, is all the work of AI. That keyboard, takes data from your inputs, and makes patterns according to your word usage, and suggests you the right word at right time. Other examples are the suggested products you see, while you checkout your online shopping cart, the Google (or any other search engine) search predictions, auto-captions on YouTube, Google lens and many more! So AI is on it’s way and I see it as a potential market I upcoming years, and we would be seeing it’s implementations in nearly each and every field.


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