Packaged chips, though an unhealthy snacking option, we inevitably crave them. Being health conscious, we often tend to feel guilty after we munch a packet of crispy fried chips that we love. But there came the good news, baked chips- a healthy alternative to fried chips. From then, we were not able to resist our self from including baked chips in our diet so that we could relish a yummy, guilt-free snacking experience.

Have we ever wondered about how these baked chips could be as tasty as the fried ones?  The truth is that the food manufacturers incorporate a lot of additives in baked chips to increase its palatability quotient and hence deceive consumers into buying it. Loaded with oil, excessive salt, added flavors, preservatives, and stabilizers, baked chips are no less harmful to us. More daunting are the harmful health impacts of baked chips which are comparatively higher than that of the fried ones. Higher in sodium and extremely higher in acrylamides (a carcinogen), baked chips can never become a wise choice. Fortunately, baked chips are lower in calories( an insignificant amount) and fats. But the belief, low fat equals good health is often misleading especially in case of packaged food products since we consume a lot of other bad ingredients

Assessing all the risks and benefits, we can ascertain that claiming baked chips to be healthy is purely a marketing gimmick aimed to attract consumers. It’s important to limit the amount of packaged chips we consume and instead, we can gleefully prepare and savor some homemade chips without any regrets.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”- Robert Urich


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