Branding and Marketing are the two important business function that performs together to promote the organization or a company or a product. Although branding and marketing seem to be very similar, they have their own different characteristics. The difference between them is an essential, revenue-driving factor that all businesses should ponder.

Branding is the expression of the value of an organization that includes the core principles, mission statement and the uniqueness of the organization. In simple words, branding is telling people who you are. It is strategic that benefits the organization in the long term by building consumer loyalty. The logo, colours, graphics and website plays a vital role since that will represent a brand for many more years.

Marketing, on the other hand, is promoting a product or service to attract customer attention. It is very much tactical with short term goals like building awareness or generating leads. It consists of various activities to bring buyers and sellers together. Marketing involves both online and offline methods like Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click marketing and Ads in Television, Radio or Print Campaigns.

Branding and Marketing should be effectively utilized together. Unlike brand which is the core that remains the same, marketing changes and evolves as per the market trends or the competition. Marketing could be targeted to your audience as a push tactic but it should always support the values of the brand. When the audience reaches the organization it is the brand that makes them come back for more by building trust and make them regular and loyal customers. Thereby the conversion could be higher when the consumers are connected as a brand by leaving an impact on their mind. Like two sides of the same coin, it is the branding and marketing that makes an organization successful that is more substantial.


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