What came to your mind when you read “ startup”?  A bunch of cool techies having their hoodies on and sipping their coffee? Or a bunch of whiz kids working on a cafeteria lounge? But what we usually end-up thinking is all about their work culture! The first quality which is looked for in a startup by the investors would be unity and quality of the team, this evaluation would be made based upon how many projects they have worked in. Listed below are some of the other crucial aspects which each investor looks for in a start-up team.

1. Balancing Humility and Conviction.

Each investor might have their set of foundational values. These values are the ones which the founder /investor never wishes to compromise. A startup team is expected to have humility towards the investor’s value. This will leave a positive opinion over the team. A right work balance is expected where both humility and conviction go hand in hand. When this quality is rightly cultivated as a culture for the startup, then this will take them to new heights.


 As the saying goes “The first impression is The best impression” investors look for specific qualities such as liability, responsibility from the team right from their first meet. These characteristics are evident when a team shows up as per schedule or the systematic methods of their initial follow-ups. This will give the investors a positive opinion towards the team.which is required for gaining the “trust” of the investors.

3. Emphatical Connect

Product building requires networking. The relationship which is established between the investor and the team should not only revolve around the product which is built. emphatical connect is the key to successful leadership.

By taking these factors into consideration , the quality of the startup can be raised to the next level. Never fail to imbibe and consider the above factors because its the first step to a journey of thousand miles.

Believe and Become!


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