There are so many things that have been fed us as “facts” and seemingly the “truth” that it has quite clouded the distinction between myth and reality. So, today, we will look into some Myths and give the answers to its authenticity.

Eight Glasses of Water a Day, Really?

We have read this fact numerous times throughout our lives. But actually, you will be surprised to know that it does not have any scientific backing. Being dehydrated is not good for health. Yes. But hydration depends from body to body, and there are several people who actually have hydration requirements much lesser than eight glasses of water. That being said, this is considered a reasonable goal so as to avoid dehydration.

Does Jerry really like cheese?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. We haven’t been ever specifically told so. But, let us be honest, Tom and Jerry led us to believe in a mouse’s love for cheese. However, scientists from the University of Birmingham have confirmed that research shows, that wild-caught mice do not show any preference for cheese. Considering the low amounts of the enzyme needed for lactose digestion in small mammals, it also isn’t best for a mouse’s health to be fed cheese.

Only Five Senses in Humans

Humans do have the five basic senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing. The important word here is basic. Since a sense can be defined as the capacity of the body to perceive an external stimulus, humans actually have a lot more than only five. Some of the other senses are equilibrioception (the sense of balance), mechanoreception (the sense of vibration), nociception (the sense of pain), and thermoception (the sense of temperature).

Alcohol Warms our Body

Well, often heard or experienced, one of the effects of drinking alcohol is that it makes one feel warmer, which leads to the belief that it warms the body. This is probably the biggest myth so far because it is actually the opposite. Drinking alcohol impairs the body’s ability to regulate temperature, resulting in a drop in the body’s core temperature. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, especially the capillaries just under the skin. Therefore, the volume of blood brought to these areas is more, causing the body to feel warm. This undoes the body’s defense against cold temperatures; constricting the blood vessels to reduce the blood flow and therefore, increasing the core temperature. Apart from this, consuming alcohol in extremely cold weather also hinders with the body’s ability to shiver, taking away yet another method by which our body keeps us warm.

There are many more myths that need bursting and alternate explanations need to be given.Keeping them for another time, another day.


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