Earth is a wonderful planet that has gifted us a serene environment to live in. But why don’t we find it critical to safeguard our own planet? The inhuman negligence in conserving the environment is relentlessly destroying, undermining and demolishing our planet day by day at a much higher rate of magnitude. For all the goodness that our planet had bestowed upon us, we are in turn endowing our planet with a menace that it had not witnessed for the past 3 million years.

A group of researchers from the Mauno Loa Observatory in Hawaii found that the carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere have recently elevated to a catastrophic level of  415.26 ppm (parts per million) surpassing the 400 ppm level of 2013. CO2 levels have been doubled from what it had been during the ice age. After the industrial revolution, these levels are found to be accelerating over the years. The researchers announced that such a devastating rise in the carbon dioxide levels was not seen in 3 million years and declared Earth on a red alert. To convey the horrendous nature of the situation, some no longer call it a climate change but call it is as a climate emergency or a climate crisis breakdown. All the CO2 that is emitted from fossil fuel combustion, industries, electricity, and transportation doesn’t vanish instead they are caught in the atmosphere leading to global warming.

On hearing this, At least now we should be acquainted with the risk we pose to us and our planet through global warming. Let us stop polluting this atmosphere with toxicity. It is only in our hands to transform this situation controllable so that the increasing rate of carbon dioxide levels is managed to some extent. Our future generation should witness the same bliss that we enjoyed in this beautiful planet. Let us rather be defending than be degrading.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”– Robert Swan


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