If you are someone looking to improve your speaking and writing skills then dig in! Here are some simple yet classic ways in which you can strengthen your vocabulary and get better in your communication skills as well.

Tip one

Read. I knew you were expecting this but give me a minute. Reading is the most underrated yet valuable skills one could possess. We keep calling people who read extensively as nerds or geeks, but how many of us have ever successfully completed a book without stopping halfway. Not many. People who read are naturally blessed with a better vocabulary than people who do not.

Tip two.

Some people who struggle with reading have the alternate to that as well. Not just speaking but public speaking is a skill that is now expected out of every professional. There are a lot of clubs like the toastmasters which with a nominal fee makes you a member and improves your speaking skills. Not only does this improve your skills but it also exposes you to a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

Tip three.

Participate. Every college has a literary club that conducts various debating and writing competitions that helpimprove your skill immensely. So it is important to participate and to review your skills and get feedback to know where exactly you stand.

Tip four.

Socialize. It is important to surround yourself with people with good communication skills so that you can converse well and push your own limits. Surrounding yourself with people with good vocabulary and command over their language will improve yours immensely as well.


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