Pounding headaches! Aren’t they perturbing? Sadly yes, headaches trouble many of us quite often. Though common, we might sometimes worry if they indicate a serious underlying health issue (like tumors). However, most of them denote primary headache disorders such as migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinusitis (a sinus infection), and others.

Here is a true fact, headaches are rarely associated with brain tumors. So hereafter don’t let your headaches scare you. But when is a headache a symptom of a brain tumor? Well, this article will list out some important facts that elucidate the association of headaches with brain tumors.

  • Migraine headaches are misinterpreted as brain tumor headaches in most of the cases but both are different. Migraine headaches trigger nausea and extreme light sensitivity while brain tumor headaches occur along with specific neurological problems.
  • If a headache is related to brain cancer, it would definitely be accompanied by other neurological issues such as speech impairment, paralysis, weakness on one side of the body, hearing problems, eye and vision problems, nausea and vomiting, numbness, and seizures.
  • Though headaches are the most common symptoms of a brain tumor, it is not caused by the brain as it doesn’t have any pain receptors. The pain is caused by pressure build-up on pain-sensitive nerves and blood vessels inside the brain.
  • If the pattern, quality, and severity of headaches differ from the usual ones, it might denote a tumor.
  • Brain tumor headaches are worse in the morning, not treated with painkillers, and intensified by coughing, bending, and other straining movements.
  • Adults of the age group 40 to 60 years old are most susceptible to brain tumors.
  • Vomiting is a common symptom of migraines and brain tumors. In the case of migraines, vomiting and nausea are generally not repetitious and prolonged but in case a brain cancer, vomiting is prolonged and repetitious.

Still a bit perplexed? Let’s not worry if we still find it difficult to determine the nature of our headaches. To clarify our doubts, we can visit a neurologist and take up a basic neurological test. But whatever the result is, with enriching our souls with hopefulness, we can overcome any illness!

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it”- C.C.Scott


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