Tooth whitening is becoming a very common practice nowadays. It is generally lightening the teeth color. It is done by either controlling or removing the formation of the external stains or by changing the elemental colors.

According to recent statistics, about 50,000 Americans has been diagnosed with oral cancer. It is also predicted that nearly 50% of those people who are affected will not survive for even another 5 years. Most of the people who are affected are below the age group of 45 and they are not followers of high-risk factors like excessive use of alcohol or tobacco.  The common causes of oral cancer are said to be chewing tobacco, smoking and also drinking. People who have human papillomavirus are also prone to this disease. The dentist with the help of precordial stethoscope can assess the condition of their patient.

Teeth whiteners and their link to oral cancers

One of the most common ingredients which are used in these teeth whiteners is carbamide Peroxide. This gel is worn for a few hours or sometimes overnight by the patients. This gel is now available directly to the consumers, unlike earlier times. Carbamide peroxide contributes to 22% of the total ingredients and it contains 35% of hydrogen peroxide. On establishing the connection, the researchers found out that most of this gel stays in the mouth rather than on the teeth or trays. It is mostly harmless, but when it interacts with the particles in the mouth it can cause the formation of radicals and also inflammation.

The symptoms associated with oral cancer

There are certain symptoms associated with oral cancer and one should consult a doctor immediately if they notice the same. You will experience discoloration in a few areas of the soft tissue. There will be changes in the texture of the soft tissue like bumps or lumps. Sore throat or hoarse voice is another symptom and you will also experience difficulty in swallowing and chewing. The last symptom is the feeling of numbness on the lips or tongue.

The results of the research

However, the researchers weren’t able to establish a link between oral cancer and teeth whiteners. The free radicals that are released during the process of whitening are assumed to be carcinogenic but there is no proof for the same. To prevent this, always get your teeth whitened by a dentist. They will ensure that the gel stays place with the help of custom-made trays or by painting it directly on your teeth.


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