Computers are everywhere and working on it is inevitable as of today’s scenario. Here the word computers apply to laptops and desktops which we use daily for doing our job. This article is not for the people who use computers now and then but for the people who sit and work in front of it the whole day. Since our body is not designed to sit in front of a screen for an entire day, here are some tips you could make as a habit so that it will be very much helpful to keep you healthy.

  • Look at your Monitor: When you sit erect, the top of the monitor should be straight to your eyes so that you could see the screen without bending your neck or raising your neck. This can avoid neck aches. Place your monitor at a distance of at least 20 inches or distance of an arm’s length.
  • Take Breaks from Sitting: Take breaks every 30-60 minutes to stand up and move around. Take a walk if you can at least for 3 minutes so that your body muscles get a small exercise.
  • Use Standing Desk: The trend of the office era is changing to a sit-stand workstation because of the benefits of standing while working which includes an increased focus on the work, increase the sense of well being and decrease the fatigue.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: This is a rule that is very helpful to reduce the soreness and irritation in the eyes. That is for every 20 minutes see something at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds. This is the most simple but effective thing to do for your eyes.
  • Drink more Water: We all know drinking more water can make us hydrated and keep us healthy but for people who get lost in the work in front of the screen, drinking more water can force themselves to get up and walk to the restrooms.
  • Avoid Elevator: Knowing that you are going to sit the whole day, it is better if you take the staircase to give your body muscles a bit of exercise and to keep them engaged. You can also park your vehicle a bit far so that you could walk more.
  • Get Bigger at Fonts: Keeping the font size too small can increase the strain on your eyes which will eventually result in headaches. The size of the fonts bigger, the better.
  • Rest your eyes: Give some rest to your eyes after work. Do not keep staring at different screens like mobile phones, televisions etc. during the night. Do some other things like reading a paperback book or cooking or any other hobbies which don’t include staring a screen.


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