It will be astonishing for many of you to know that gold and silver are not the most expensive or precious metals in the world. So which metal occupies the top most position in the list? But before going into that let’s see what makes a metal precious. Precious metals are those which have high economic value. These are extensively used in many manufacturing process and some metals have also been used as currency. So, now let’s have a look at the top five expensive metals.

1.Rhodium – It is the most precious silvery colored metal. It is rare metal available in very small amounts in the earth’s crust. It is used for its reflective properties. It has a very high melting point and is used in automotive industries.

2. Platinum – It is also known as little silver. It is widely used in jewelry and often referred to as white gold. It is non corrosive and is used in dentistry, weaponry and aeronautics.

3. Gold – It remains one of the most popular metals and is the easiest precious metal to recognize due to its unique color. It is used as an investment option, used in jewelry and is a component of electronics.

4. Ruthenium – Similar to platinum, it is widely used in the field of electronics. It is also used as an alloy to platinum and palladium to increase hardness and resistance.

5. Iridium – It is one of the densest metals and has a very high melting point. It is whitish in color and is obtained from the ore of platinum. It finds its application in electronics, automobiles and also in products such as pen, watches and compasses.


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