The love for chocolate is universal. Regardless of age let it be children or elder people everyone loves to eat it. A variety of flavored chocolates are available according to individuals wish. Chocolate is the most complex mixture known with 1500 flavor components in it. It is made from cocoa which comes from the cocoa tree. The seeds of this tree are also known as cocoa beans.

Many of us feel happy after eating chocolates, do you know why? Chocolates are also called the love drug or happiness drug. This is because chocolate contains some chemicals which actually have positive effects on our body, making us feel good.

Theobromine It is an alkaloid present in chocolates. The name comes from the scientific name of cococa tree – theobroma. Chocolates are the richest known source of theobromine. It is the chemical which is responsible for happy uplift which you feel while eating chocolates and it also contributes to the bitter taste in them.

Anandamide It is present in small quantities in chocolate. It is also present in coffee. It helps in stimulating the feel good waves to transmit more easily to the brain.

Phenylethylamine It is the chemical due to which chocolate is called the love drug. It triggers the brain’s pleasure centers released when one falls in love.

Other than the happy feel factor, eating chocolates is very nutritious, it is a rich source of anti oxidants, reduces the cardio vascular diseases and helps in memory retention that is why eating them while studying is very useful. So, next time when you eat chocolates know the factors which make you feel happy.


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