Primarily yes, but hear me out.

I know how carbohydrates have been dubbed as the root cause of evil especially to people who are trying to lose weight. But, how come a compound so essential for all the living process that occurs in a body be bad for you? Exactly, they are not.

Carbohydrates are super important and anyone who tells you that you can get away by avoiding them completely is probably kidding themselves.

The thing about a “high protein and no carbohydrates”, diet is that, it will definitely make you lose weight, but on the short run. But you cannot get away from the fact that it does more damage than good.

Let me break down the science of carbohydrates for you.

Carbs are of two types-simple and complex.

The simple carbs take no time in breaking down and hence get your blood sugar up really fast and hence are very bad for you.They are found in maida and everything white.So you got to stay away from them.

However, our good guy, called the complex carbohydrate, takes time to break down since the time it is ingested and slowly incorporates with the blood and gives you all the nutrients you need. Complex carbs are found in abundance in whole grains and we need to add them in our diet on a daily basis. So say yes to brown rice, quinoa and all whole grains.

Now only is it healthy but it makes your skin glow and you will be balanced and in tune with your own self. It also helps you lose weight easily and in the right way and also gets rid of constipation.

So make sure that the next time you hear about a high protein, meat involving, hormone filled bad diet, you make informed decisions and do not give up on your complex carbs!


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