Lost in my dreams, I was walking down the lane

Tried to be serious but was totally in vain

I passed through the park and saw the flowers that bloom

Singing my favorite song and enjoying the gloom

Suddenly I stopped by the lonely road and decided it to take

But never thought that I would be in a very big mistake

With the passage of time it was getting dark

And there was neither a sign of light nor spark

Suddenly I heard some sound past me

Least I suspected that a bird it could be

But to my knowledge I was totally wrong

It was to the four people where the sound belongs

They were nearing me with a fastened pace

And followed me as if they were in a race

I thought in a couple of minutes the road will last

And so, I looked forward and walked fast

But to my surprise the road ended with a wall

And there they stood beside me eager and tall

Standing there I was helpless

Each second seemed endless

He learned forward and I was about to scream

To a shock I woke up and it was just a dream.

Submitted by Itisha Tyagi , Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam


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