Sleep or Awake they’re Dreams,
A language they speak is all the same,
Chew your pillow or enhance your life,
Regrettable to heed option one ;Two is a choice because,
Dreams I cherish,nurture and Slog for.

Surmise dreams as an offer,
To hold and account for afar,
Mesmerized to be like Farr,
Admiring a once visit to Pharr,
Or package aspirations in form of Phar,
Dreams I cherish,nurture and slog for.

In the path you stamble,
Relocate ; recenter to ramble,
Who doesn’t know how it’s done in RAMBO?
Haha! Its a win enjoy to tremble,
Stay the course success is ahead,
Dreams I cherish,nurture and slog for.

Push the limits,its never the sky,
The Moon,Mars are also available,
Be alert with pride and ego,
You need others to achieve more,
With time you’ll attain : Appreciate the journey.
Dreams I cherish,nurture and slog for.

Submitted by Manus Kaige , Erode College Of Pharmacy


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