Can you find a replacement for the convenient plastic bottles to carry water? It is harder to think about any other option. And that is why plastic has dominated the market and plastic waste has been destroying our environment for more than a century. The plastic bottles and cups are the most common type of plastic waste and it takes around 450 years at least for them to decompose. Is there any way to replace the terrible plastic bottles? “Ooho!”, exclaims the scientists from Skipping Rocks Lab, London.

What is OOHO?

A blob-like water container made from sodium alginate gel that is edible is called Ooho. It is a gelatinous, double-membrane sphere made by dropping ice into separate solutions of calcium salt and sodium alginate. Here there is no need for packaging or plastic because the globes of water are self-contained and ready to consume. Each water globule contains 250ml of water. It is cheaper than plastics and can contain not only water but also soft drinks, thereby it can reduce tonnes of plastic waste.

A globe filled water that you can pop in your mouth whole, isn’t it an interesting way to drink water?

It is interesting. Though you feel it is not so interesting, it is much needed to save our environment. Plastic pollution is a real challenge and scientists have alarmed the world about the problems imposed by extensive use of plastics. 80% of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills and those landfills are overflowing. Now it has become a threat to plants, animals, marine and human life.

Do you know the health hazards?

Due to a chemical called phthalates in plastic, drinking water from plastic bottles can lead to liver cancer and reduction in sperm count. When the chemicals from plastic bottles are ingested they tend to disturb our body’s immune system. Dioxin a chemical that is released when heated can accelerate breast cancer when consumed. Plastic bottles also produce harmful substances like fluoride, arsenic and aluminium which can be poison for the human body.

When looked in different ways, edible water balloons can bring many changes. Out of that, one is the way we drink water.


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