Women achievers from the past have been strong and voracious in relentlessly chasing and accomplishing their dreams. Elena Cornaro Piscopia, a Venetian Philosopher is one of those captivating women who is inspiring us even today.

Elena Cornaro Piscopia, also known as Helen Cornaro was born at Venice in the year 1646. During her childhood, her family found her to be extraordinarily talented. She excelled in exploring new languages and eventually became proficient in many languages such as Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Hebrew, And Arabic. This earned her the title of “ Oraculum Septilingue” (Seven-language Oracle). She then studied mathematics, philosophy, and theology. She also became an astonishing musician mastering various musical instruments such as the violin, the harp, the harpsichord, and the clavichord. After that, she was obsessed with Physics, linguistics, and astronomy.

With her linguistic skills, she engaged in translating books to different languages which spread her fame in Venice. This gained her many prestigious positions in society. Being a woman, Helen Cornaro initially faced numerous hurdles on the way to success and eventually managed to study Philosophy at the University of Padua. Breaking all the barriers in her way, she successfully became the first woman in the world to attain a Ph.D. degree in 1678. She is also honored as one of the first women to obtain an academic degree from a university.

She aspired to uplift society and empower everyone with education and kindness by being charitable throughout her life. The pride and prodigy of Venice, Elena Cornaro Piscopia has remarkably left indelible marks in the history of women accomplishments.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, , can accomplish”- Michelle Obama

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