Technology has revolutionized the world with its ability to simplify, transform, enable, and enhance various processes of our life. When a small bug in the technologies that we use can bring nightmares, why aren’t we worried about the obstacles faced by our farmers to improve Agriculture? I am not trying to belittle the importance of technology, I am actually trying to explain that Agriculture is equally indispensable as technology. With a similar perspective, by utilizing the power of technology and acquainting the importance of tackling agriculture-related issues, many new entrepreneurs have emerged in India. Serving as a synonym of excellence and novelty, their start-ups are highly committed to empowering farmers in our country with technological services. Some appreciable agri-tech start-ups among them are listed out below.

  • NaPanta: Established in the year 2017 by Naveen Kumar V, NaPanta is a digital Platform designed to guide farmers in agriculture. Naveen Kumar, a former banker who was not able to digest the demise of a farmer (who suicided) in his place, decided to enlighten farmers with technology. With this technology, farmers are now able to access real-time market prices, crop management techniques, crop insurance, cold storage services, pest & disease management information.
  • Aarav Unmanned systems: With the honor of being one of the few start-ups that designed drones to assist agriculture, AUS was established in the year 2013 at Bengaluru by Vipul Singh, Suhas Banshiwala and Yeshwanth Reddy. AUS builds autonomous drones which come with ease of operation and makes the task of irrigation techniques simplified providing services such as topography survey, flood simulation, drain planning, and capacity planning.
  • Intello Labs: India’s Most Awarded Agritech Start-up, Intello Labs is a pioneer in the concept of Non-Destructive Digital Commodity Grading. Established in the year 2016, the company is mastering the tasks of quality grading of commodities, pest and disease detection in crops, yield estimation, etc. all through image-based analysis and Artificial Intelligence.
  • eKutir: Krishna Mishra, the founder of eKutir, established this company in the year 2009 in New Delhi. He designed a website and a mobile application that helped farmers to connect with suppliers of seeds and fertilizers, banks, exporters and other stakeholders. It is a social enterprise group that provides economically sustainable solutions integrated with micro-entrepreneurship, technology, and community engagement.
  • AGROWAVE: As a supply chain start-up in India, Agrowave is optimizing Agriculture supply chain with Research, Analytics & Technology. Anu Meena (Founder) established Agrowave to digitalize the Indian agriculture supply chain and transform the lives of farmers.
  • CropIn: With an aim to empower the economies of the agro-ecosystem, CropIn was established in the year 2010 by Krishna Kumar (Founder, CropIn). Krishna Kumar wanted to start this company after he witnessed the agrarian crisis in the rural areas of Karnataka so that he could address several pain points of millions of farmers in India. CropIn is digitalizing nearly every farm with live reporting, analysis, interpretation, and insights to advise and alert farmers of the climate and weather. It also provides complete farm management tool ensuring sustainability.

“Most things, except agriculture can wait”- Jawaharlal Nehru


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