Want to get a good coding job but not satisfied with the package you get from the campus placement. Then you are at the right place to know how to get a good coding job right from home. Every year, there has been a significant increase in the level of unemployment due to many factors such as huge competition, lack of industry required skills and many other factors. Especially, in the IT sector and the software industry, there has been much demand for people who are good are problem-solving and coding skills. Many online coding tests such as TCS-code vita, Google code jam, Kotlin challenge, Top coder open have gained tremendous response from the companies as these tests filter people who are much smarter in the coding platform than others and the rankings or performance in this kind of tests is used as a method to filter the candidates required for a particular job. Thanks to the huge amount of information and data available on the internet which helps us to learn to code in a much easier way than we do in the random classes.

Fun exercises and hands-on programs help an individual develop the coding skills to be updated according to the industry requirements. Every year, announcements will occur at least before a month of the coding exam date. So we can inquire what kind of questions will be asked or what will the syllabus is. These tests do not require any degrees or do not need any specific fees and all. These competitions are free and all you need is to have a computer/laptop with a good internet connection. The kind of questions that are recently adopted by all the companies is of the scenario coding methodology. This includes a programming question instead of having the random process like “Write a program…”. It does not be like that, instead, there is a scenario given to the person and some constraints are given and code is required to be written using all the given conditions. It improves thinking skills and problem-solving abilities of the exam takers. These tests work mostly as a screening test for big MNC’s. A student from Russia named Gennady Korotkevich has exceeded in most of this kind of tests and has got several job offers from Google. So, you might understand how could these coding competitions impact your career.

You can check the below websites for which coding competitions are held at.



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