” The eyes are the window to our soul “


Eyes are the organs of visual system through which we see the world. Many of you may have come across the term cataract and cataract surgery but a very few of you know about Glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second largest cause of blindness in the world.

Glaucoma is caused due to the build up of pressure within eye that causes damage to optic nerve, this condition is called occular hypertension. This disease usually affects both the eyes. Glaucoma is usually caused due to old age, diabetes, hypothyroidism and eye injuries. There are two types of Glaucoma – Acute angle and chronic glaucoma.

Acute angle – This type of glaucoma comes suddenly resulting in rapid vision loss along with other symptoms. But it is curable due to symptoms such as pain which makes the patients to seek doctor’s help and treatment.

Chronic – This type of glaucoma progresses slowly so that the person may not feel any symptom such as pain, redness. But it causes permanent damage to the eyes and their treatment becomes very difficult.

The problem with glaucoma is that it cannot be prevented it can only be treated at an early stage. Adults at the age of 35 should have their eyes checked regularly especially those with diabetes. The only way of preventing glaucoma is creating awareness among people. World Glaucoma week is observed in the month of March every year for the purpose of creating awareness among the public.


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