Nanotechnology is one of the flourishing fields immensely targeted by the biotechnological research scientists today. Application of nanoscience principles in biological research has gained a lot of interest in Innovation. Owing to this fact, various nano-biosensors, nanodevices and nanoscience phenomena have been found. Green route synthesis of nanoparticles is a process to synthesize nanoparticles from various plant sources using the principle of Green Chemistry. Green synthesized nanoparticles are preferred for their low cost, sustainable, and environment-friendly method of preparation.

Characterization of nanoparticles is done to examine the physical and chemical properties such as shape, size, crystallinity, dispersion state and surface properties. Numerous microscopic methods such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and spectroscopic methods such as UV  spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) are used to measure these properties.

Green synthesized nanoparticles are used in antimicrobial food packaging to enhance the shelf life of the product. Certain metal oxide nanoparticles such as Iron nanoparticles, Zinc nanoparticles, Copper nanoparticles, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles are used as Nano-catalysts in the production of various Biofuels. Nano-catalysts, unlike conventional catalysts, can be recycled through precipitation and centrifugation methods for reuse. These nanoparticles are utilized to aid toxic dye degradation and Bioremediation processes. Various Biosensors and drug delivery systems in Health care consume green synthesized nanoparticles to process. It’s so fascinating to know that these nanoparticles are greatly helpful in the Photodynamic treatment for cancer. Apart from these applications, they are also used in nanofibers, nanowires, and nanotubes. Green synthesized nanoparticles are playing an important role in scientific research and it is obvious that nanoscience has revolutionized the Biotech world.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow “- Edward Teller


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