With the rapid growth of technology and innovation in electronic equipment, disposal of old and outdated electronics is posing a problem. The old or waste electronic items are dumped into garbage or landfills. The most disposed item includes the smart phones. It also includes computers, tablets, laptops and so on.The volume of electronic waste is increasing day by day.

E- waste consists of ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastics, glass, mercury, arsenic and lead. The harmful elements react with air and water which cause air, water and soil pollution. Most of the batteries and solder present in mother board contain lead in them which mix with water and seep into the ground water. Lead poisoning is one of the hazards of e- waste. Mother boards also contain high levels of mercury and their improper disposal may cause skin, respiratory and brain damage.

In India, most of the e- waste are kept at home because of unawareness of their proper disposal. The e- waste can be properly treated by recycling and refurbishing. Even though the products may not be completely recycled but it is better to convert some of the materials into useful products. Some materials such as PVC layers used in electronics stay as such for ages and cannot be recycled. On refurbishing, these electronic items can be sold at lower prices.

E- Parisaraa is the first government authorized e- waste recycler in India which was started on September in 2005. It handles, recycles and reuses waste electrical and electronic equipment.


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