The divine floral garlands tremendously used in temples, traditional gatherings and ceremonies will indeed generate a lot of floral waste. What happens to these excessively produced waste? Probably, they would get into dump yards. But what if the flowers continue to spread fragrance? HOLY WASTE is highly committed to making this concept a reality. This start-up infuses life to the floral discards by recreating sustainable, eco-friendly products out of it.

Maya Vivek and Minal Dalmia, childhood friends turned business partners established Holy Waste at Gundlapochampally village in Kompally. What do they actually do? “FloRejuvenation”, where they incessantly rejuvenate floral trash. To put it simply, they potentially utilize the waste flowers by transforming them into fragrant soaps, incense sticks, and natural composts.

Maya and Minal were friends who aspired to accomplish something together but they had no idea that they would own this social enterprise. This idea popped up in their mind when they came across a Kanpur based brand “Help us Green” who processed floral waste from temples. Highly inspired and inquisitive, they started collecting flowers from the street. They explored and experimented on the various methods of processing those flowers. They were successful in their research, and this gave them the courage and determination to proceed further.

In November 2018, the entrepreneur duo set their first floral bin at Skandagiri Temple in Secunderabad. With zeal and hard work, they have now set up around 20 floral bins in 20 temples. Thrice a week, they procure over 100 kilograms of floral trash from temples, marriage halls, and other cultural events. They smartly use the flower petals to manufacture various organic products while they use the sepals and stems to make natural composts.

Well, Holy Waste is a brilliant concept distinctly focusing on waste management and recycling. With over 10 women employees, Holy Waste doesn’t just address floral waste processing and recreation but also bolsters the social upliftment of women.

In a short span of time, the duo has entrenched themselves in the surroundings. Believing innovation to be the mainspring of socio-economic development, Maya and Minal serve to be the paragons of women’s empowerment!

“And most importantly, we want to reduce the waste generated in the city. We want people to associate us with flowers and think of Holy Waste whenever they look at them”- Maya Vivek, Holy Waste


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