In my previous article I have given a detailed overview about what is food adulteration and its types. After reading the article you will have a doubt how as a common man who is going to the market can bring good quality foods that are not adulterated? Here I will tell you some ways to find out the adulteration in the commonly adulterated products. The adulterants used in different food products along with the health effects is clearly mentioned here.


If the stem of the banana appears green, instead of a shiny yellow, it has probably adulterated to ripen.

  • Adulterant: Calcium carbide
  • Effects: Carcinogenic, can harm digestive system and liver.


The apple will appear very glossy and shiny. It could have slight scratches and you may notice a thin layer peeling off, which is the wax.

  • Adulterant: Wax Coating
  • Effects: Can harm the digestive system. Can lead to ulcers and gastric problems.

Green Vegetables

Take a small portion and place it on moistened white blotting paper. The impression of colour on paper shows the use of adulterant.

  • Adulterant: Malachite Green
  • Effects: Carcinogenic when consumed over a long period of time.

Common Salt

Stir a small amount of salt in water. If there is chalk, the solution will turn white and other insoluble impurities will settle.

  • Adulterant: White Chalk
  • Effects: May lead to gastric problems.


If the colour of the mango is uniform, or if you can find dark green patches around the mangoes on the surface where they are kept, then it is adulterated.

  • Adulterant: Calcium carbide
  • Effects: Can lead to headache, dizziness, nausea and neurological problems.

Chilli Powder

Add a small amount of chilli powder in water. The brick powder will settle and the pure chilli powder will float.

  • Adulterant: Brick Powder
  • Effects: Can cause loss of vision, respiratory and digestive problems.

Tea Powder

Scatter a sample on moistened bottling paper. Appearance of colour spots after minutes shows presence of adulterant.

  • Adulterant: Coal tar dye
  • Effects: Carcinogenic

Ice Cream

Take a sample and drops of lime juice. If forth or bubbles develop, the it shows the presence of adulterant.

  • Adulterant: Washing powder
  • Effects: can cause severe stomach and liver disorder

The Annual Public Laboratory Testing Report brought out by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) says that of the 49,290 samples of food items it tested, 8,469, nearly one-fifth, were found adulterated. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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