Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We use phones for everything we want to do either it is to complete our assignments or to learn how to cook any dish. Each and everything is available on the internet. But, due to the invention of mobile phones are lives have become more miserable than ever before.People don’t want to talk to each other because they are in their mobile phones. They have lost their ability to communicate with each other and sort things out. Mobile phones not only affect our mental health but also our physical health. The radiation emitted by it is harmful for our health. It can cause many diseases in our body. Phone addiction can be very harmful.

But don’t worry,here are some tips on how to get over your phone addiction.

  • Try not to use your phone in your bed. It emits harmful radiation which is unfit for our body. When you keep your phone closer to the bed you tend to use it when you are not feeling sleepy. You should always keep your phone at a distance of 2 feet away from your bed. Never keep your phone close to your head when you are sleeping.
  • Always use an alarm clock for setting up an alarm . In this way, your phone addiction can reduce to a certain extent and you will become more lively and rejuvenated then ever.
  • Don’t take your phone on the dinner table. Try to talk to your family members and establish a good relation with them than being connected to the virtual world and spending time on meaningless things. Your loved ones will also feel better when you talk to them. It will not only prevent you from getting bored but also give you satisfaction and happiness.

Students away from their homes must talk to their parents for at least 20 minutes in a day.

  • You must turn off your notifications. If you turn it off, then there would be no reason to check your phone once in a while. 
  • If you have too many apps on your phone. You must delete them right away. If you feel bored on one app on your phone, you can actually go through another app and waste your mind and time there. 
  • You should complicate your lock password. It would take a longer time to open. Longer time to open becomes directly proportional to loss of interest with your phone. It would eventually become the best decision of your life.
  • Try to communicate with people. Spending time with your loved ones is the best thing that you can ever do. Make them feel special and important. Don’t try to indulge in mobile phone when you are talking to someone, it might irritate that person.
  • Keep your phone in aeroplane mode or spend one day without a phone. You will definitely experience more positivity and happiness in your life. Go for a nature walk. Spend time with your friends.

It is not that tough once you make up your mind to change anything. It works better with determination to leave your addiction. You should have a firm mind to do that. Only then it would be fruitful.


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