Many students who have completed their undergraduate engineering studies and who are in their final year aspire to get through Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). Candidates attempt GATE not just to pursue their post-graduate studies but also to attain other benefits such as scholarships, fellowships, and PSU recruitments. GATE scores are valid for 3 years(now) and it can be used to reserve post-graduate seats in reputed Indian Institutions such as IITs, and NITs. GATE qualified students are provided with the financial assistance of Rs.12,400/month during their master’s program across various Indian institutions. GATE scores are also valid to obtain admission in certain colleges abroad and to obtain job opportunities in their stream. Let us discuss some of the tricks and tips to successfully crack GATE exams without attending any coaching classes in this article.

  • Be updated with all the necessary details regarding GATE exams. We should be well acquainted with exam dates, syllabus and other details to plan our self-study timetable.
  • Start your preparation early at least from your 6th semester if you are a final year student. If you are a graduate, start your preparations as soon as possible. Attaining little progress day by day will help you to attain meritorious results at the end.
  • Analyze the subject weightage and concentrate on subjects that are more necessary, and easy to score.
  • Draft your own study plan and follow it strictly amidst the college activities and assignments. Good planning is crucial for success.
  • Gather standard study materials such as books and online sources for reference. To identify the best books available, you can seek guidance from your college professors and seniors.
  • Create your own formula book with numerical operations to revise it during exams.
  • Practice solving various GATE question papers and attempting online mock tests whenever you have time.
  • Entertain group studies with friends as it proves to be an efficient way to exchange and enhance each other’s knowledge.
  • Get your fundaments strong in your stream of study. It is important to be clear of the fundamental and basic concepts.
  • Make your own notes to recall and revise important topics before you attempt the exam. This is a powerful strategy used by many successful GATE toppers.
  • Do not belittle revision since it is mandatory for us to go through the notes and formula books before the exam.
  • Stay motivated and focused every time. Whenever you feel low and desperate, talk to someone who motivates you, read biographies of people who inspire you, and spend time with people who encourage you.
  • Consistency over intensity is the secret behind success. Though you work less for your exams, make sure you are consistent in what you do.
  • Stay fit and healthy throughout the process of preparation. Avoid junk foods and eat healthy foods. Sleep well, do yoga and other exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Practice daily, because the quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance”- Robin S. Sharma


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