CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION(CBSE), it conducts lots of exams in our country and also in foreign countries too. It also conducts an Exam known as CNSE boards. Where generally some students say that it’s a bit tough and someone says that no it’s easy… and due to this so many students get confused about how to prepare for boards so that they can get good marks so that they can opt for a good career option. So in this article, we have discussed HOW TO PREPARE FOR CBSE BOARDS Exam.

As we see there are lots and lots of books are present in the markets related to the preparation of Boards exams so student often gets confused in choosing the best book for practice in less time. So here we will see how to study smartly so that we can prepare well to sit in the examination

First, let us talk about books we must buy for practice purpose and also don’t forget to read NCERT books because all of the questions come from this book. And don’t escape any line of NCERT book as most of the questions are being made from the theory part of this book. Now let’s see the name of bools which you should opt for the practice purpose.

  • Arihant(All in one) book: This is the best book for practice and also you can clarify all your doubts from this book to as it is been given with the pointwise notes of all the chapters coming in the board’s exams (must book for class 10th students)
  • Arihant chapter wise book: this is a very helpful and important book as it provides you with the chapter-wise revision in short and in a simple way and also with previous year questions being asked before from the particular chapter.
  • Oswal: This is a practice set and the same as the questions are being asked in the boards so you can try it for your practice purpose also it predicts the best questions whose chances are good to come in boards.
  • NCERT: The solution to every problem related to boards so do not avoid reading it.

Tips to prepare smartly for your exam.

If you are not prepared for boards and you also don’t have sufficient time to study each and every point of your book. So the best thing to work smartly is, you need to make a proper list of the important derivations and topics from each chapter. Also, purchase Arihant books which suits you as I have provided the list of some, and try to solve all the previous year problem before sitting in the exam. Clear all your doubts from your teachers, friend or the best option is youtube so go and find all your doubts and clear them out. Learn each and every derivation of the chapter optics. Take less stress and avoid studying late at night just before the exam so that you can concentrate during examination rather than suffering from sleep.


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