Many of you heard about farming without using soil so hydroponics is not a new term. Once it was thought impossible but now it is possible with the growth of civilization and technology.

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. As the name suggests hydroponics means water vapor. Since plants grow through the process of photosynthesis which require only water, sunlight and carbon dioxide and not soil. Soil is essential for providing nutrients to the plant but if these nutrients can be supplied through nutrient rich solution then there is no need of soil.

Hydrponic growers have found that they get yield many times greater than in case of conventional farming. Since the roots of plants are directly dipped in nutrient rich solution they can easily absorb.

Hydroponic farming faces many challenges. It is a capital intensive enterprise. Energy and labour are also required in large. The products are costly since the cost of production is high. Skills and training should be provided to the farmer as on large scale it requires technical knowledge. Apart from the limitations, it is the fastest-growing sector of agriculture due to the unavailability of land, drought, growing population and natural disaster.


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