Modern epoch is a time of pace and development,in this era money and luxurious living has become the zenith priority.Parents are focusing more on their career as compared to children.This is leading misguidance and opting bad company among children at a very young age. This in turn leads to juvenile delinquency and vexing problem for a nation.

Initially,the problem of stress and depression is starting at a very young age nowadays in our country.The majorly affected group is teenagers,due to high workload and peer pressure, teens are getting depressed in an inclining rate. This condition is similar to the mental hospital patients of 19th century.These signs are detrimental and alarming for a nation as “Future of a country can’t be depressed.”

Major factors concerning depression are mostly due to heartbreak or failure. Children getting affected by these problems mostly are quite and avoid sharing anything with anyone, would get frustrated a lot and break things,cry a lot and all this eventually ends in suicide. People are often neglected due to their behavior and are assumed to be drug addicts,but no one knows the reality of their situations and no one even tries to help them.

“Every cloud has a silver lining” this statements reflect the gift of maturity and sincerity that children get from this curse.Due to advancement in technology and science. A cure to this problem has been found. People and adults are volunteering to help people feel happy and cure their loneliness and make world a happy and better place with everyone’s combined efforts.Rather than hesitating,the one reading this should go and help the person they feel who might be suffering from this feral problem. Because only combined efforts make a fortune possible.Psychologists and therapists are receiving patients at boom rate as compared to past,also a survey shows that patients going to these professionals are curing by making new friends and opening to the world as a strong character which is ready for any problem world throws at him.

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