India is drastically running out of the water now. With groundwater levels steadily depleting, water-bodies drying up, and population outgrowing the country’s water supply, India is on the verge of facing a crippling water crisis. Tackling water crisis is one of the most pressing challenges faced by our nation and therefore we are obliged to delve deeper into the issue to identify innovative solutions that greatly emphasize water conservation, management, sustainability, storage, and reuse methodologies.

But here is a piece of good news! Many entrepreneurs in India are making pioneering ventures into addressing water scarcity with captivating technologies. As a result of their painstaking efforts, various start-ups that offer tech-driven solutions to manage water shortage have emerged in India. Here is a list of such start-ups that would fascinate us.

FarmAgain: This Coimbatore based Agri-tech company was established in the year 2014 to accelerate autonomous agricultural practices. Their GroTron autonomous farm is a powerful combination of agronomy expertise and artificial intelligence.  GroTronhas significantly reduced water consumption in agriculture by up to 50%.

Simply smart technologies: This company was established in the year 2015 in Pune to help residents effectively save water and electricity. To various townships, residential societies, hostels, and commercial buildings, they provide high-quality leak detection services, analysis for daily consumption and billing, and immediate notifications when thresholds are crossed with the help of their smart water meters.

WeGot: This Chennai based start-up has created a multi-channel system to notify customers of the usage of resources such as water, electricity, and gas. The technology they use also provide tips to optimal usage of resources as they remotely handle appliances through smart sensors. Through their mobile apps and websites, anyone can easily access detailed data and analytics to effectively plan usage patterns with high precision.

Uravu Labs: This Hyderabad based company established in the year 2012, developed a solar device that made use of water vapour in the air to improve access to drinking water. Their aqua panel technology uses solar energy to harvest water from the air.

Vassar Labs: Hyderabad based start-up, Vassar labs perform smart water management that brings data from satellite, sensors, and models to render visibility to all water assets and guidance in better water management plans. Apart from water management they also provide technological solutions in important sectors such as agriculture, education, and smart city planning through machine learning and IoT.

Kheyti: Started in the year 2015, Kheyti is a Hyderabad based start-up that designs, adapts, and establishes low-cost technological farming solutions to poor farmers. They have developed “Greenhouse in a box” which is an affordable greenhouse bundled with full-stack services that use 90% less water than others.

Smarter Homes: This Bangalore based start-up has launched WaterOn, a 100% automated water meter which could reduce the water consumption of communities by up to 35%. These meters are claimed to be accurate, wireless, tamper proof and remotely managed with safety to data.

Earth Fokus: This company that began its operation in the year 2017 in Chennai has launched QuaMist and EcoMist nozzles with aerators for taps. It is a half-inch nozzle that atomizes water into a gentle mist eventually saving 95% of the water that comes out of our taps.

NextDrop: Set up in Bangalore, this start-up is highly committed to tracking water supply for utilities, water access, and water quality by using sensors and consumers who report water issues.

Indra: To ensure sustainable water management, this Mumbai based start-up is leveraging technology to solve the nation’s water issues. They make affordable, modular water treatment systems for recycling domestic and industrial wastewater.

Still many more appreciable start-ups on the list. When they prioritize water conservation in our country, why don’t we support them? Let’s join hands with these amazing start-ups.

“Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes- one for peace and one for science”- John F. Kennedy


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