Instagram is one of the top social networks used by millions of users. It is a network that allows us to share photos and videos, also lets us tinker those photos and videos, add caption, explore and engage with others.

Instagram was first launched in October, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. At first it was launched on iOS, only after a year and a half Insta was made available to Android and then gradually released in other operating systems. Instagram was a successful launch with one million registered users within 2 months. And it didn’t stop there, Insta has 1 billion active users as of May 2019. Many investors saw this rapid growth of Instagram though it was Facebook who bought Insta’s services for US $ 1billion in cash and stock.

Kevin and Mike first commenced the development of this application with the name Burbn. Burbn was a multi featured project based on mobile photography. Burbn was quite similar to Foursquare, an application that let’s you search and explore places and share with others. But later Burbn with upcoming updates started to focus more on the photo sharing feature. And therefore popped up on the new name ‘Instagram’. This name was coined by the two original authors by two different words “instant camera” and “telegram”.

So now Insta’s sole purpose is to let us post and share photos and videos. This app has let us explore the photography sector deliberately. So many users have been taking their photography game to next level to through Instagram.

Mobilography has become an all time trend on all social media. Mobilography is the photos clicked using your mobile camera. Instead of using hi-tech cameras and equipment people are more fond of smartphones with high-quality camera. Now that we have a easily accessible camera and a huge & free platform anyone of us can become a mobilographer.

Photographers have been using Insta as a platform for showcasing their talent and passion for photography. They are defining their niche on Insta by posting their best work. This way the photographers have been earning a lot of audience and praise for their work. But what do you think, what they might be doing with a good number of followers and pretty posts? It’s here where Instagram stands out of the box of other social media applications. Instagram has a unique feature of switching account from personal to business.

Business accounts in Instagram helps you make money and take your business a step further. The best part of this feature is that you can target a particular group of audience who are interested in your sector. Though for photographers it was a difficult task to set up a career before, now it’s easy peasy with 1 billion active users on Instagram. Even the amateur ones have been taking advantage of this free exhibition platform.

Well, getting to the point, photographers can make money on Insta by just few ways.

Selling your work

The Photographers can sell their work online. People might be interested in their work way too much, they might want to buy their photo’s original copy (i.e the highest quality photocopy) for their own purpose. Even though the copyrights will still be with the photographers. The same photo can be sold again and again for a pretty price.

Offer services

Photographers hired for making albums and shooting videos for different events. Through Instagram you can gain contacts for such contracts. your Instagram profile is your Bio, through which people get to know you and your work. Updating your best work will help you increase your audience and chances for such offers.

Paid partnership

Instagram has brought up another amazing feature of mentioning paid partnership tag in a post. You can develop a commercial relationship with brands and companies and become a business partner with them. This brand or the company will pay you for your work that you post, on the basis of the followers you have. This feature is also solved the crisis of lack of transparency.

Even if follow the above ways sincerely, you can’t earn money in a day or week. It takes a lot efforts and patience to see success in your career, until then keep hustling.


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