Will it be possible to think up to the sky? Will it be worthy to think all the time of the day?
Well, the other question is will you be able to remain respectful in society for what we think.
A level of introspection is very much required all the way your life. Unless and until you start introspecting about yourself nothing would turn to be worthy.

This is where once existence is to be questioned. I would say that this life is very much scientific. But before going behind this scientific approach it is high time to evaluate yourself on the basis of morality. The morality what Jesus Christ taught us lying in the holy crosses or the morality what Tennyson wanted to teach through Lotus Eaters (one of his famous poems). In the absence of these, we run behind our personal needs without any conviction.
Let’s be alert! Of what we do.

In better form, I would suggest that self-examination will be very useful. You don’t have to carry anything with you when you undergo this process. Let me say that if you want to treat it scientifically consider it as an interview where you itself raise the question and answer.

Why do you feel stressed out?

The answer to the question can be abrupt but is very simple. It only because you are packed. Packed with your worries. How did you have these worries? Just because you are thinking so much. Now for you, my point about thinking seems to be very abrupt. But here is where we have to relate the difference between introspection or self-examination with thinking.

Mere thinking is a very good solution for problem-solving when your problem is well defined one. When you start thinking about the problem you are going through, the problem appears to be very much ill-defined. Here the normal kind of scientific thinking would only enable you to prepare plans on how to work. Not all plans are good and practicable. The solution comes when the answer is from your heart not from the brain.

Better don’t take decisions when you are angry or sad or happy. It has a possibility or getting wrong. Just understand thinking can produce words, it is highly poetic. From there, there is a chance of forming and deforming relationships.


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