Let me start this article with a simple question, what is a community?

It’s basically a group of many people of many people with different skills working for a specific purpose.

IoT or internet of things, is just like a community of smart devices. The main benefit here is, that the data can be transferred without the need of human interaction. Human interaction may only be needed when the device is collecting any type of input from human. The basic concept of IoT is connection of these smart devices to transmit data within them. The word internet is used here, because these devices use internet to transmit data, but that data is only shared within those particular connected devices, i.e. on their local network.

These devices include small sensors to a fully-fledged computer systems. The data is collected, sent to a particular IoT server and is processed there. Then if there is any output, it is sent back to that device, and is executed accordingly.

Let me give you a practical example, Amazon’s Echo, it’s a small and beautiful device powered with Amazon’s A.I., Alexa. So it’s basic working is as follows, first data is collected in form of speech from human, then that data is sent to Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS IoT), the A.I. plays it’s role there, analyses and manipulates data then reply with a specific output, which is sent back to Amazon Echo device, and it functions accordingly.

IoT plays an important role in simplifying our lives daily. It helps in automating the processes without the need for much infrastructure. It will surely have great demands and applications in future, form healthcare, businesses, marketing, servicing and many more. It also plays a major role in artificial intelligence. As I wrote in my previous article, A.I. needs data, a lot of data! IoT provides A.I. with realtime data, and in return A.I. provides it’s analysis back to device. So many of tasks are automated, without any need of human input.

However there are some concerns with IoT also. First of all, the biggest concern is security. As whole data is transmitted over network of these devices, it is possible that a particular device in the network can be tampered and data may be stolen. Another concern is that it’s for sure that A.I. will have an exponential rise in upcoming years, it would lead to massive number of IoT devices, and management of these huge numbers would be a big challenge. Also, a single bug may affect the whole network of devices.

But improvements are being made and A.I. is strengthening daily. Hence IoT is also on it’s rise now-a-days and according to me, IoT is the future, IoT will be the future!


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