Choosing the best field of study has become indispensable in this challenging world. Being indecisive and unacquainted, many students end up opting courses that they are not passionate about. Before adopting a specific course, it is imperative to examine and assess the merits and demerits of the streams we are interested in. In this article, let us explore the various advantages of becoming a biotechnologist. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that deals with living organisms and the products yielded by them to cater to a lot of applications in the research, industrial, pharmaceutical, and health care sectors. Unlike many other streams it doesn’t aid us in obtaining an instant career growth but when we grow and flourish, we eventually enable our society to flourish.


If you are a person with a knowledgeable creative mind, adoring innovations and discoveries, biotechnology is the perfect course for you. Qualifying CSIR NET, ICMR JRF, and  DBT JRF exams in India will facilitate us to become a JRF attaining fellowships/financial assistance in pursuing our doctoral studies and research. We have to be keen and determined to become a research scientist in this field.


Biotechnology is a course that is immensely concerned with research and lectureship. So, enormous higher education options are available in India and abroad.  GATE, TANCET, BARC, and JNUEE  are some of the entrance exams in India which will enable us to carry out our postgraduate studies in Biotechnology. GRE, TOEFL and other entrance exams are available to help us study abroad.


As biotechnology consists of various subdisciplines of science in it, the areas of employment are wide and vast. One can be employed in bioprocess, genetic engineering, molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, chemical, food, herbal, forensics, agricultural, health care, pharmaceutical, and various other industries. A biotech graduate can also become a government employee by clearing IFS exams to become a forest officer, FCI exams to become a technical assistant in Food Corporation of India, and many more.


Being an interdisciplinary science, biotechnology can satisfy the needs of different minds. For instance, if someone hates life sciences but loves crime and investigation, they can choose forensic science as their career option. Wide range of academic and career options are available for a biotechnology graduate to prosper.


It is overwhelming to find successful, creative startups in this stream. So if you are aspiring to become an audacious bio-entrepreneur, you can obtain an MBA degree in biotechnology.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”- Milton Berne


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