For an organization or a company or for a set of people to manage things the most crucial factor would be the team meetings where all the ideas are discussed and important decisions are taken. There are days where meetings go bad or the desired result is not attained. If you are thinking about how to make the meetings more efficient, here are some tips from Jeff Bezos – the founder and CEO of the well-known Amazon who has some rules to make the team meetings more productive.

1. Two Pizza Team Rule

The two-pizza team rule is to create teams that are no larger than people who could be fed by two pizzas. That is to have the correct number of people for a meeting so that there are fewer opinions and more diverse ideas. It also reduces the time to make conclusions and to make decisions.

2. No PowerPoint

In Amazon instead of using powerpoint, a 6-page narratively structured memo is prepared for the meeting. This is because a powerpoint can be done a day before the meeting with some bullet points but a narrative memo consisting of six pages has to be worked upon and edited and improved before presenting it in the meeting. This gives a chance for the presenter to fully communicate the thoughts behind their ideas, and give participants the chance to understand full concepts better without getting bored.

3. Start With Silence

When the meeting starts, everybody sits around the table and read silently, for usually about half an hour to read the document and then they discuss it. This is to make sure that all the members attending the meeting should know and be prepared what the meeting is all about so that they could discuss it more effectively. It assures undivided attention on the part of everyone there.

When these three rules are put into practice, you could make meetings a source of brilliant ideas.

You give your people what they need to do their best work – Time
Time for understanding. Time for extended reflection. Time for focused thinking.

-Jeff Bezos


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