Well we all know, Instagram is a social platform owned by Facebook, which is very famous among young adults. It was initially created to enable people to click and post pictures instantly, to let them share things happening in their life or around them in a fun way. And also Instagram slowly introduced many filters and stickers to make the posts that are shared to be more creative and interesting.

In Instagram, as many of y’all will be aware, there is an option to “LIKE” the post by either double-tapping on it or clicking the heart symbol on the bottom left corner of the post, and the app displays this count right under the post, and when you hit the numbers the name list appears. About a few months ago, Instagram removed the like count on a trial basis, in a few countries and this received a mixed response from the users. Following this, Instagram has very recently started expanding its test to private accounts from various other countries as well.

Just like the two sides of a coin, this action has both positive and negative responses, most of which are very strong and thought-provoking. Some people who have optimistically taken this, say that this action helps in removing the pressure from the minds of people, and also give less opportunity to judge people based on the likes their post has received. Some people are so addicted to the like count so much so that, they start judging themselves based on the likes the social world gives them. Beyond a point, it becomes as if they are seeking everyone’s approval for everything they do or yet to do. It might be something as small as purchasing a new shoe that might even go up to choosing their university or even picking their career. Instagram also seemed to have taken this decision considering all these factors. In their tweet announcing this update, they asked people to focus more on what they share and not to have their mind glued to the like count.

Having said that, what is the condition of people who depend on this platform for various other pieces of stuff. Contradicting right? Yes, there are many people on Instagram whose job is to reach to a greater audience, or maybe taking something, like their product or brand, to the masses.

There are many content creators out there like movie or book reviewers, bloggers, vloggers or even celebrities who use this social platform to take their creative work to the common public, to keep them informed. They prefer to stay in constant touch with the audience for the promotion of their work and a variety of reasons. And similarly, many people are running their business on Instagram because of the simplicity and wide range of customers they provide. Though they provide insights for their analysis, likes seem to make much more sense to most of them. They use this like count to assess the reach and sometimes the quality of their product. Also since the market is huge, it helps in creating a positive competitive spirit among themselves by looking at the likes.

So, how is this action when applied universally, affect things that are dependent on them in both good and bad ways? 


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