Social media is not a time-wasting tool for students if they use it properly. The efficient use of social media can lead to building a career out of it. Yes, there are many people who earn a living with social media and the count is increasing day by day as many people start using social media. There is a sperate field called Social Media Marketing. To know more about how to earn money online click here.

Coming to LinkedIn – The Professional social media platform, there is a common thought for most of the students that it is useful only for people who have a business or for the people who work or for the people above the age group of 30. But, no. It can be very much useful to students also. Here is how.

Apply for Jobs

Most of the business or the company today has a page on LinkedIn. You can apply for jobs based on your location, industry or function. It is a great opportunity to get an internship or a job through LinkedIn for most of the people out there looking for jobs. You no longer need to wait for the company to put an advertisement in the employment news.

LinkedIn Profile as a Resume

Doesn’t matter if you apply for a job through LinkedIn or not, your profile on LinkedIn can act as your resume. It is easy for people especially recruiters to know more about you by looking at your profile. Keep your profile updated with all the works you have done. In some cases, jobs come searching for you if your profile matches any of the company’s needs.

Connect with your College Alumni

LinkedIn is a place for worthwhile connections. Imagine connecting with your seniors who passed out of your college five to ten years ago. They might be working in big companies with some good positions. For a junior from the same college, it is more likely that they may suggest you some jobs. If you are lucky and worth it, they may hire you in their company itself. However, it is an advantage for you.

Build a Professional Network

Not only with your Alumni, but you can also create a network with the like-minded people whom you come across. This will be very much helpful in knowing many new ideas or opportunities from your connections.

Tips for a Better LinkedIn Experience

  • Use a Professional Profile Picture: Your profile picture will be the first impression of you. Let that picture show your professionalism with proper attire and quality.
  • Write a Good Intro: A LinkedIn intro should be given the importance of a self-introduction during an interview. Keep it brief and best.
  • Add a Summary: A short summary written in the tone of first-person would do more good to your profile. Check it as many times for any mistakes because a mistake, in the summary can damage your professional reputation.


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