What is love ? somewhere we all have this question in our mind. Love is defined stereotyped, we all are defining the love sophistical.  It’s time to change the definition of the word “love”. The word is mainly used according to the dictionary’s definition- “an intense feeling of deep fondness”. Love is somewhere an essence, what an individual feels .

Love is not about that romance & stuff like that. The first love we all feel is about parental love and that’s the purest form of love. Love is not a feeling but we can say it’s an enacted emotion. In human beings, love is like give & take relation. There are certain things in this universe that you can love that don’t love you back. Love is not about lend a helping hand to, it is not done by cold soul. Love is all about live or learn, that’s the best that an individual can do. There is a folklore in our culture that love just happens, but love doesn’t work that way. In these days, love is about unrealistic things which is basically an infatuation. We all are comparing love to limerence i.e. totally different from the love. Limerence is about the mental state of deep infatuation, it feels intense but short-lived.

Erich Fromm called love – “an act of will”. If we don’t learn the rules of love, we will get many failure experience further. Love is all about developing trust & intensify relation. It is not about like loving someone, it is much more than that. Love can’t be defined to some certain terms or some with concrete definition. Love can contribute to short-term & long-term happiness, basically it fulfills the emotional needs of us. Basically, love comprises of so many factors such as compatibility, respect, commitment, trust, humility. But, love is an emotional process whereas compatibility is quite logical process. We all feel, love is a source of pleasure but sometimes, it becomes a killing game. We all know that love is pure, sweet, dreadful & painful. Love sometimes is overwhelming. True love is somewhere we strive for & something we grieve the loss of. As explained by the science, there is no place for romance in this universe, we all fall in love by look into the eyes of beloved & all of that stuff is pushed to the back of ours mind. Feeling itself is what matters mostly in the end.

In conclusion, love is quite unconditional. Every individual has their own perspective towards love.



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