Oh my darling, 
Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?
Why the silence, let’s break the ice.
When the rest ask how I’m confident when you’re so out of my league,
I reply, “We play different sports, so it doesn’t matter” with a cheeky smile.
Oh my love, 
Sitting across the hall, our eyes meet, 
And the world around us becomes obsolete.
We communicate with one another in the absence of words, 
Oh my sweetheart, 
Without you by my side, (Without your dimples by my sight)
My world collapses like a house of cards.
You and I are not a perfect fit, 
But then, perfection is an overrated thing.
Oh my dear,
We don’t have to be exclusive,
We don’t have to be anything at all,
Let’s be a couple of strangers who find solace in each other,
Let’s be a couple of souls who get lost in the abyss of merriment.

Submitted by- Senthamizh Kumaran,IIM Indore.



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